Law school is difficult. There are briefs, judicial opinions, outlines, and all-nighters. At least we think that’s what happens there based on all the old episodes of Law & Order we’ve watched.

Attending law school may be tough, but the process of learning more about a law school should not be. That’s what our friends at IU Maurer School of Law told us when they came our way seeking an engaging and user-friendly new website.

If you survey the landscape of law school websites, you’ll notice most of them look pretty similar: links, text, stock photos of happy “students”, and a deep web of outdated information. Then, when you’re ready to apply, you realize you need a degree in website navigation just to dig up the materials you need.

We were elated to help our friends in Bloomington out of this rut. What we gave them instead was something that stands out and rewards curiosity—a progressive site with a snappy design that is fully responsive.

Mobile-led design was a must when considering the primary audience for the site: millennials. The content of the site and the unique navigational approach were designed with this audience in mind, an audience that is more willing to explore on the web, so long as they can do it from the device of their choosing. This new site looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

Colorful panoramic images capture the cinematic beauty of IU’s campus and offer a dynamic (and easily interchangeable) entry point to the site. Real student stories encourage curiosity and connection, while a non-traditional sitemap means the information is presented more like a dialogue than a database.

We love this site, and it turns out we’re not the only ones! It recently took home a Silver Addy at the 2016 American Advertising Awards.

We probably won’t be submitting our application anytime soon (who would make the web more beautiful and functional if we all had judicial opinions to study?), but we’re happy to know anyone who comes across IU Maurer School of Law will get a breath of fresh air.


Good Gets Even Better


Brackets for Good is an Indianapolis-based 501(c)(3) organization that hosts “bracket-style fundraising tournaments” in cities across the country. A few weeks back we told you we were partnering with them, and boy did we EVER!

Partnership doesn’t even seem like a strong enough word for it. We had joint possession of the ball in a bite-your- fingernails game. We had a full-court press of energy spanning from baseline to baseline. We worked together on a slam dunk….

Ugh, who knows. We used up all our sports metaphor energy on turning this thing out in record time. Members from both of our teams hunkered down around our conference table and followed through on the goal of making Brackets for Good feel more fun and alive. And with a project engagement of just a few weeks, we all knew we had to act fast.

The result is a completely overhauled Brackets for Good website, with new interface view options and lots of little bug fixes along the way. We introduced team colors, a sleeker look, and a newly responsive design for screens of every size.

Brackets for Good has one driving goal: to raise as much money as possible for participating organizations. The changes we introduced were not intended to merely look pretty or load faster. We made every decision deliberately to get people (especially younger people) more engaged in philanthropy.

Through the process, we hope people see that giving isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s fun. We sure had a good time being a part of this project, and we can’t wait to fill out our bracket when the new site goes live this March.


Treetop of Mind


Each year, Conner Prairie hosts an annual meeting to share some highlights from the previous year and lay out a big vision for the months ahead. Oh, and there are delicious snacks and drinks!

Lodge helped Conner Prairie get back to nature for this year’s meeting, with the theme of One Wild Year. Scott Sampson, dinosaur paleontologist and science communicator, was the evening’s featured guest. He delivered a powerful message about the importance of getting our kids outside.

To better facilitate this curiosity and exploration, Conner Prairie announced their newest experience area: Treetop Outpost. It includes a 25-foot-tall treehouse, and five exciting activity areas encouraging kids to build, dig, discover, investigate, and make art.

We wanted to wrap the event in the excitement and energy of this call of the wild. Using a unique and captivating illustrated style, we created a short video that illustrated why Conner Prairie is the best place in central Indiana for kids to explore outside. This same style can be found in the printed invitation and event program we designed, and the spirit of it is woven into speaking scripts we wrote that helped the whole evening flow smoothly.

The evening celebrated other Conner Prairie victories as well, like increased gate attendance, a $7.5 million Lilly Endowment grant, and the record-breaking ridership of Conner Prairie’s tethered balloon.

Overall, it was a magical night that reminded the audience of what matters in our lives and our kids’ lives, and showed us that some connections can’t be made on a screen. Wild, right?



Bringing home some heavy metal for our clients.

We don’t think of ourselves as super fancy here at Lodge, but we’re always happy to throw on a tie when the time is right. And the time was definitely right at this year’s ADDY Awards ceremony, a swanky little soiree hosted at historic Union Station.

Our crew savored some hot conversation and cold cocktails before a ceremony that presented some our city’s best creative work. We were happy to be there, and even happier to walk away with our arms full of beautiful (and HEAVY!) ADDY Awards.

Lodge brought home three gold awards: one for our very own Lil Book to Beat Boredom, and two for the videos we created for Conner Prairie’s recently reimagined 1859 Balloon Voyage. We also snagged five silver awards: one for another Balloon Voyage video, one for our Conner Prairie “Dreams are Born Here” radio campaign, and yet another for the Conner Prairie website. Our new website for IU Maurer School of Law also won a silver award, as well as our work for the BEAST food truck. They even sent us home with a delicious bottle of bourbon.

Our three gold-winning entries will advance to the next round of awards, a district competition with other winners. From there, these pieces could go on to the third and final round, the national stage of the American Advertising Awards.

We feel lucky every day to work with our clients, and we were proud to bring home the ADDY’s bacon, so to speak, because it reflects the big dreams our clients have, and the considerable trust they place in us every day.

Our haul—and the fun party that came along with it—were almost as beautiful as spending a day at Conner Prairie, and nearly as tasty as biting into a BEAST burger.

For a night like this, we’ll gladly wear a tie.

Check out a quick video recap of our winning submissions—doing what we love, for people we believe in.




When IMAX approached us about creating a short pre-show video to communicate the nuts, bolts and general housekeeping of an IMAX theater experience, we nerded out and concepted a Star Wars narrative that awoke the inner Jedis in our hearts and minds. One of the biggest challenges was delivering an unexpected experience to an audience of die-hard Star Wars fans who have been steeped in the language and style of the franchise. Working with the 501st Bloodfin Garrison and Rebel Legion —  a local club of costumed Star Wars enthusiasts — we were able to turn the IMAX lobby and projection booth into a galactic sound stage spilling over with Storm Troopers, X-Wing Fighters, Jedis, Ewoks, Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Emperors, and of course, Lord Vader. Arriving on-set, surrounded by these movie-quality costumed characters, it felt like being a ten year old again. We were so fortunate to find the perfect tour guide in Jacob Eaton, who nailed his role from beginning to end. Have a gander at the finished piece (including a custom score that pays tribute to the great John Williams), then head over to the downtown IMAX to experience THE FORCE AWAKENS on one of only fifteen 70mm prints in the entire country. Like this you must.