Events and exhibits present unique challenges, including logistics, budget, deadlines and a million other moving parts that threaten to be a hot mess. We get it. We understand the pressure points and can help ensure a smooth and successful opening. We were intoxicated with excitement to develop the campaign for the Indiana State Museum’s Power of Poison, featuring mysteries,  animals, venoms and toxins. We bit into some meaty research to extract the fun and magic of this experience. We wove a web of digital ads and content, then sunk our fangs into streaming radio and animated video. As for the museum itself? We left a venomous trail of marketing collateral, including die-cut stickers, a beaker-shaped brochure, a massive banner, and a creepy-crawly installation that allowed guests to snap a selfie with a giant spider. The goal was simple: drive traffic. And it all sounded good. Of course, the healthy attendance spike sounded even better to the museum. Namastes and big breaths, everyone.