The Buck Stops Here. 

With the right foundation and access to affordable, high-quality early education, studies have shown that kids are more likely to thrive in their journeys through school, and beyond. Our friends at Early Learning Indiana have been helping Hoosier families with just that for more than a century. For this mini fund-raising campaign, we were able to meet with the students, teachers and staff and find out what made this 120-year-old educational “incubator” so special. According to Early Learning Indiana President and CEO Maureen Weber, “There aren’t too many places where your investment can have a multi-generational impact —a dollar spent here helping the next generation get those essential skills that they need to thrive while at the same time helping their parents go to work and join the labor market.” Working with the non-profit’s in-house marketing team, we quickly spun out a campaign theme, logo and concept that could play out in long-form video, radio and social channels. We were even able to reskin the web site to tell a powerful story of just how far a single dollar can go to inspire the dreams of the next  generation of big thinkers and doers of great things. If you’re looking for an organization to support, we encourage you to learn more about Early Learning Indiana’s mission and impact. After all, every little bit counts.