Buh-bye 2020!

Well, getting through this crazy pandemic year required discipline, teamwork and true grit (not to mention pets, healthy distractions, and memories of the “before times”). Here are a few of the things we couldn’t have lived without this year.


AJ: My Airstream, Maximus

Aside from being the safest way to travel and explore this year, it was my home office during quarantine. Getting up each morning and starting my commute to my backyard office gave me an extra pep in my step when motivation was hard to come by.  It made Zoom meetings that much more interesting and gave me an extra sense of adventure when tackling work challenges.

Bryan: My Projector

After almost a year of being on the fence about whether or not to get a projector, I decided to roll the dice and get one on Cyber Monday, and so far I’ve been very happy with it! I love the built-in android OS that gives me access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and many other streaming apps. I generally don’t watch a lot of movies but there is something special that happens when your bedroom transforms into your own personal theatre!

Mercer: My Cat, Baby

Back in April when we started hearing the first whispers of COVID entering the US, my Aunt heard that I was looking to adopt a cat. She told me how she had recently gained custody of a little grey feline from an old coworker who could no longer care for her. This cat was not happy at my Aunt’s house, however, since she already had 3 dogs and 2 other cats. So I went to her place to meet the little lady, and immediately fell for her. Her name is Baby, we have no idea how old she is, and her squeaky meows are like music to my ears. She was the perfect companion to bond with while I worked from home before getting hired at Lodge, and it’s been fulfilling watching her change from an anxious little fur ball to a confident, sassy kitty.

Jarrett: Door Dash

During this crazy year I discovered the world of delivered food. Who knew how great this could be! It’s incredibly convenient to just jump on your phone and order up dinner from your favorite restaurants. And plenty of new options to try. I miss going out to restaurants and I don’t think I’ll ever want to go away from that. But during times like these, it’s nice to know something like Door Dash and the people making it hum are out there!

Jason: Seeing the Olympics Trials for an Olympics that never happened.

Near the end of the before times, my wife and I were able to get away to Atlanta to see the US Olympic Marathon Trials with some friends. Little did we know it would be one of the last times we’d be standing shoulder to shoulder (and without a mask in sight) in 2020. Witnessing this competition is a great reminder for me that the human spirit has the potential to push the pack to great things, and I look forward to coming together again and seeing the spirit of cooperation drive us to the next finish line.

Ross: Heartbreaker Indy

Easily one of my favorite new places to eat mid-pandemic. They have a great setup for takeout or you can even eat in one of their winter “pods”. The Audu-Bahn-Mi dog is one of the best I’ve ever had. Also get the fries… they’re unreal.