Sometimes, a Teeny Car can Make a Whopping Difference.

As part of the Plug-IN initiative, Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) recently unleashed a fleet of electric vehicles and has launched a unique program that makes electric vehicle transportation more practical for hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers. To help raise awareness of this program, the marketing team approached Lodge to develop a new campaign that included web and collateral. Having already designed the vehicle wraps for the IPL Electric Vehicle Fleet earlier this year, we were familiar with the project and anxious to see our design solutions evolve into printed collateral and digital media. After developing a simple theme, LEADING THE CHARGE, we built a storytelling structure that could be applied to both web and printed collateral, promoting the historical achievements being made as well as the many user benefits. Combining images, copy and graphs, we were able to quickly educate consumers about how IPL is making electric vehicles easy, fun and practical. Plug-n-Play all summer long!