Law school is difficult.

There are briefs, judicial opinions, outlines, and all-nighters. At least we think that’s what happens there based on all the old episodes of Law & Order we’ve watched. Attending law school may be tough, but the process of learning more about a law school shouldn’t be. That’s what our friends at IU Maurer School of Law told us when they came our way seeking an engaging and user-friendly new website. If you survey the landscape of law school websites, you’ll notice most of them look pretty similar: links, text, stock photos of happy “students”, and a deep web of outdated information. Then, when you’re ready to apply, you realize you need a degree in website navigation just to dig up the materials you need. We were elated to help our friends in Bloomington out of this rut. What we gave them instead was something that stands out and rewards curiosity—a progressive site with a snappy design that is fully responsive.