The Indiana State Museum is leading the way when it comes to the excavation and preservation of historic bones here in the great state of Indiana. In fact, the Museum operates a secret, but special, dig site in the southern hills somewhere between Bloomington and the Ohio River Valley (they keep a tight lid on its exact location). Every year, a team of expert fossil hunters from the Museum gather in underground caverns to search for Ice Age remains, and return home with rare new finds that give us a better picture of what life was like in the Hoosier State during the past Ice Age. Last year, the team found a peccary skull dating back more than 40,000 years. Experts estimate that fewer than 20 skulls of its caliber even exist in the entire U.S. We wanted to integrate these rare finds into our recent summer outdoor campaign and remind people of the powerful stories the Museum is digging up and sharing with its guests in downtown Indianapolis. Who knows what they’ll find next.