This spring, Conner Prairie’s new 1859 Balloon Voyage took to the sky. This reimagined space is bigger, more immersive, and more interactive than it was before. The exhibit drops guests in the middle of Lafayette, Indiana in 1859, where they explore the history of manned flight and experience the rigors of airmail via balloon. At the end of it all, they step into the basket of a real balloon and are lifted 350 feet over the expanse of the Prairie. We created a trio of fun, informative animated videos that introduce guests to this space while helping them understand the importance of central Indiana in the history of balloon flight. Lodge was a part of the entire process, including help with storyboarding, as well as illustration, sound design and animation. We used archival assets and a detailed, hand-drawn illustration style in order to create something that is both engaging and historically accurate. The end result is a set of energizing videos that are lighthearted in tone while providing helpful context for this great exhibit. Don’t miss them—head up to Conner Prairie and get flying! Watch all three videos in the series here.