How do you describe our magical pairing?

Lodge and the Indy Film Fest – We go together like buttery movie theater popcorn and an ice-cold Coke. Our partnership is like… well, it’s tough to put into words. That didn’t stop us from trying! This July, the Lodge team huddled up around our conference room lab table and created a detailed new case study that conveys the story of our history with Indy Film Fest. The site reflects the ways Lodge helped Indy Film Fest reach new heights and serves as an illustrated timeline of Festivals past. You’ll find this case study mentioned in an illustrated ad within the program of this year’s Indy Film Fest, which takes place July 13-23 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Once you’ve brushed up on your Lodge + Indy Film Fest history, come join us for some of the best in independent cinema, right here in Indianapolis!

Check Out the Case Study