Treetop of Mind


Each year, Conner Prairie hosts an annual meeting to share some highlights from the previous year and lay out a big vision for the months ahead. Oh, and there are delicious snacks and drinks!

Lodge helped Conner Prairie get back to nature for this year’s meeting, with the theme of One Wild Year. Scott Sampson, dinosaur paleontologist and science communicator, was the evening’s featured guest. He delivered a powerful message about the importance of getting our kids outside.

To better facilitate this curiosity and exploration, Conner Prairie announced their newest experience area: Treetop Outpost. It includes a 25-foot-tall treehouse, and five exciting activity areas encouraging kids to build, dig, discover, investigate, and make art.

We wanted to wrap the event in the excitement and energy of this call of the wild. Using a unique and captivating illustrated style, we created a short video that illustrated why Conner Prairie is the best place in central Indiana for kids to explore outside. This same style can be found in the printed invitation and event program we designed, and the spirit of it is woven into speaking scripts we wrote that helped the whole evening flow smoothly.

The evening celebrated other Conner Prairie victories as well, like increased gate attendance, a $7.5 million Lilly Endowment grant, and the record-breaking ridership of Conner Prairie’s tethered balloon.

Overall, it was a magical night that reminded the audience of what matters in our lives and our kids’ lives, and showed us that some connections can’t be made on a screen. Wild, right?