Mysteries and animals and venoms and toxins…these are a few of our favorite STINGS! Lodge was intoxicated with excitement to develop the campaign for Indiana State Museum’s recently-opened national touring exhibit THE POWER OF POISON.

We bit into some meaty research and talked toxins to try and extract the fun and magic of this experience. We wove a web of digital ads and content. We sunk our fangs into streaming radio and animated video. We left a venomous trail of marketing collateral, including die-cut stickers and a beaker-shaped brochure. And the museum itself? We left it swarming with on-site graphics (like a massive 12’x15’ Great Hall banner) and one creepy-crawly installation that allows guests to snap a selfie with a giant spider.

Don’t miss THE POWER OF POISON, open now through February 11. And don’t forget to share your spider selfie with us!