Visit Indy

Rebranding Campaign

This re-branding project for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitor’s Association (ICVA) allowed us to activate all of our skill sets. After spending a summer strategizing, designing and writing, we we were finally ready to say, “Adios” to the old ICVA acronym, and “Helluh-ohhhh” to INDY. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the INDY overhaul includes a hand-drawn logo typeface, 3-dimensional marquee signage, and plenty of interactive and collateral material designed to shake things up, and let people know what we’re about here in the heart of Indiana. According to Meg Liffick, the Director of Public Affairs at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, “I recently attended a confidential reveal of the new INDY brand, and was blown away! This brand has a huge impact on us all, professionally and personally. You guys aren’t just rock stars, you’re superheroes. Well done!” Not sure we have anything to say after that kind of generosity from a much-admired cultural leader, except that we’re honored to be able to help retell the story of INDY and share it with the planet.