Sun King

Video Campaign

This series of web videos (shot by our friends at Galliher Photography) were built to capture a revolution in the craft brewery world that’s blowing up in the heart of downtown. Tackling all aspects of Sun King’s unique culture — from rough and scruffy brewers to its commitment to canning the goods — the videos are a celebration of something special that happens when people are passionate about what they do. We have to thank Sun King for trusting us with their brand and being such great sports throughout the shoot (check out the videos and you’ll understand what we mean). As part of the campaign, we also developed a series of rather intriguing QR coded posters to drive people straight to the videos. If you’re not from around these parts, or just haven’t yet experienced the joy of popping the top off a can of Wee Mac, Osiris Pale Ale or Sunlight Cream Ale, you’re missing out.