Sun King

Mobile App

Being huge supporters of all things Sun King, we were blown away when they approached us to create a custom App for the brewery. We believe in our ability to give our clients great creative, while delivering a great product. That matches up with the Sun King philosophy. This app allows you to access information about every beer Sun King has ever brewed, find local bars and liquor stores in your area serving up Sun King awesomeness, as well as link to upcoming events and Facebook and Twitter profiles. “Internet usage is shifting away from desktops toward mobile devices,” says Neal Taflinger, communications director at Sun King Brewing Co. “Our iPhone app allows us to get up-to-date information to our fans and friends whenever they want it, wherever they are. I think that our customers will find this app extremely useful whether they’re trying to find a restaurant that serves Sun King, looking for more information about one of our seasonal beers while sitting at the bar, or trying to get to the brewery. The functionality is killer, but the app looks beautiful, too.”