Interactive Experience

This site features custom admin plug-ins to optimize CMS (that’s web speak for: It’s pretty freaking awesome”), as well as loads of other nerdy features that make for a better user experience, including:

  • Larger video player built w/HTML 5 for playback on all modern devices
  • AJAX fueled video filtering by type & subject through tagged videos
  • Advanced search feature with instant search results prompt
  • Animated “Featured” module and logo
  • Custom content types & taxonomies allow the site to grow easily
  • Integrated with Google Maps API for the Contact page
  • Custom administrative plug-ins to better control content

Have a look-see for yourself, and see how they edit, finish, animate and produce great work, day in and day out. They’re like a team of moving-picture magicians. Thanks for trusting us with your interactive brand image, Scofield.