Brand Package

Here’s the deal: 1) You get a one-of-a-kind bag, tote or accessory that all your friends will go crazy over. 2) A single mother in Cambodia earns enough money to support her family. And 3) A portion of the profits are reinvested into education and healthcare programs that will help put an end to poverty and disease in this tragic Southeast Asian country. Vicious. Cycle. Ends. That was the gist of the pitch our client gave us a few months ago as we set to work developing a new brand identity for this line of handbags and accessories made from recycled Cambodian feedbags. The new identity includes a logo and this 8-page hang tag that outlines “the possibilities of positive change” through unique storytelling, simple illustrations and our client’s own photography. Now wouldn’t you love to buy a RE bag and change the world one cute clutch at a time?