Architecting a Website

There is a battle that has been raging on for years between form and function. Though we’ve tried hard, we haven’t been able to uncover a clear winner. Until we do, we think it’s fair to create beautiful things that work really well. The most recent proof comes in the form of the website we created for MSKTD & Associates. As a full-service design and engineering firm, MSKTD serves three distinct markets: healthcare, higher education, and food processing and advanced manufacturing. It was important to speak to each of these audiences individually while creating a cohesive experience that felt true to the firm. We interviewed key stakeholders, created an action plan, and got to work.

The result is a unique solution to a unique set of challenges. We created a universal navigation that provides a cohesive experience no matter which portion of the site visitors are on. Architectural drawings and renderings used throughout the site help convey a process-oriented approach, while a trio of parallax panes give visual interest and capture the momentum of an industry that is always moving and changing. Each of these panes moves in a different manner, an experience that remains consistent across every device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile. Maintaining a responsive website often takes additional care and skill, and we were able to create a simple interface that empowers the client to take control.

In the end, it appears as though form and function both won this round.