Robot Apparel

It’s a music blog that parties with unicorns! After being shut down by the corporate ogre Blogger, we switched into high gear and were able to get our music compadres at MOKB back up and running lickity split. At, you’ll find a whole world of Lodge-lovin’ creatures challenging visitors to prepare for something new and different. After all, we’ve developed this unicorn-loving landscape to spark the imaginations of the blog’s loyal readers from LA to Brooklyn, reminding them why they love music so much. It’s playful but edgy, and decidedly true to MOKB’s roots of embracing what you love and spreading the good word to those who wanna listen. We simply closed our eyes and followed our hearts to a very, very happy place. We’ll continue to optimize the site adding new features and creatures. Believe in the music. It believes in you. Just ask the rapping cat.