Conner Prairie

Holidays on the Prairie

It’s a blustery Saturday night in December, and families are starting to gather in their shiniest dresses and warmest sweaters. They’re preparing to enjoy a traditional holiday meal before ol’ Saint Nick arrives. Cut. Scene. Ever wonder what it was like to celebrate the magic of the holiday season in the early 19th century? Recently, Lodge had the opportunity to spend some time shooting a video for Conner Prairie’s popular “Holidays on the Prairie” program and experience a real, old-fashioned Christmas. We had dinner with Santa, wandered through a gingerbread village and enjoyed a cast of characters celebrating the holidays with their own unique traditions. We ended the night in the candlelit home of the Campbells where we sang carols with fiddle and piano accompaniment. To top it all off, we wrote an original score for the whole she-bang that helped guide our narrative like Rudolph’s shiny nose. Click here to watch our video, then make plans to go there next December. It’ll rattle the bah humbugs out of even the most hardened of Scrooges, reminding you and your family what the holidays are all about.