Conner Prairie

Millions of Great Questions Campaign

When we were kids, the world was filled with amazing, wonderful things to discover. And when something interested us, we wanted to know why it interested us (which meant asking loads of questions that helped lead us down the path to understanding). It’s part of the learning process. At Conner Prairie, they’re inspiring kids to ask new questions about the world around them, through three unique disciplines: history, science, art and nature. We’re truly an incubator for innovation — inspiring today’s young minds to become tomorrow’s leaders by delivering experiences that lead to accelerated learning. This interactive history park provides a unique setting for generations of families to come together and connect with science, nature, history, and most importantly, one another in ways they’ve never dreamed of. This campaign showcases that journey to discovery that starts with simple questions from little tykes thirsty for knowledge, gobbling up the experiences on acres and acres of interactive awesomeoness.