Christ Church Cathedral

Watch a World-Class Choir in Action

We had chance to capture this world-class choir in action as they prepared for the Middle West’s only performance of Handel’s Messiah with children’s voices and baroque instruments. This video is being used as a recruitment tool in schools and homes around the region to promote the unique opportunity that is the boys and girls choir at Christ Church Cathedral. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of programs like it in the country. In addition to annual tours to places like Washington DC, as well as opportunities to sing abroad, choir members get a serious dose of music theory. According to the choir director, Dr. Dana Marsh, “The real beauty is there’s an educational element to it. As an educational institution, it has a number of tiers that all work together at the same time. About a third of the kids who come through the choir will actually have careers in music.” With a mix of young amateurs to experienced professionals with solo careers, the Christ Church Cathedral choirs provide an opportunity for young people to grow as musicians and singers and discover the power of their own voices.