Recombobulating a reely great story.

The story of the Indy Film Fest and Lodge goes back to 2009. Remember that year? It was a doozy. We were in a mini-recession. The H1N1 outbreak was in full swing. And auto-tuning was all the rage. The world was ready for a change. Since then, Lodge has worked as the festival’s marketing partner, providing strategic planning, design, messaging and interactive assistance for this 16-year-old nonprofit. In that time, we’ve helped the Indy Film Fest with a name change, new logo and identity, a complete brand overhaul, web site development, videos, sponsorship promotion and collateral, festival campaigns, marketing materials, and the development of several key year-round fundraising events—whew! Oh, and attendance has increased every year we’ve been on board. Fest on!


"Their strategies and proposals always blow us away and their professionalism is unparalleled. Simply put, Lodge Design is the engine behind Indy Film Fest's growth and success."

Chris OverpeckBoard President