Indy Film Fest recently hosted an immersive screening experience around the classic whodunnit CLUE. Audience members were invited to play along in a life-size interpretation of the classic board game, moving from the “Ballroom” to the “Great Hall” in pursuit of the evening’s villainous mastermind.

This 1980′s film is a cult favorite with a dedicated following. To mark the occasion, Indy Film Fest needed something special. They hired Lodge to create all the necessary pieces for the festivities. We illustrated a detailed set of game cards and designed a CLUE-ified map of The Athenaeum, the downtown Indianapolis venue where the event was held. Like the game itself, Lodge’s interpretation of CLUE was colorful, a bit cunning, and definitely one-of-a-kind.

Beast Food Truck

The guys at Beast came to us with a big idea: they wanted to launch a food truck to share their beastly good burgers with the world. We helped them discover their brand story and developed a visual identity that helps them stand out. We used a bold color palette and created a mascot critter with a big appetite. Don’t worry…he’s friendly, and the burgers are delicious. But don’t take our word for it—find that big yellow truck in a neighborhood near you.

Conner Prairie Website

Conner Prairie is so many different things—a museum, a playground for the imagination, a vital cultural resource. Their old website had grown a little dusty, and it kept them tethered to their past. We helped them develop a forward-thinking new site with engaging experience area videos, a dynamic events calendar and a completely responsive design that looks great no matter how its accessed.




Conner Prairie 2015 Campaign

Conner Prairie’s previous campaign was beloved, focusing on the millions of great questions kids asked when they came to the Prairie. For their next phase, we wanted to think even bigger, so we started asking: how are imaginations sparked at Conner Prairie? What greatness can kids aspire to when their minds are fueled by creativity? The result was Dreams are Born Here—a print, television, and radio campaign with a lot of heart—and more than a little magic.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is an organization that does a lot of good, but they needed a more human face. We helped create a more personal, approachable Indy Chamber with our “I am Indy Chamber” campaign. Pairing hand-drawn illustrations with personal stories from local thought leaders, we were able to help give Indy Chamber a face—and a warm personality to match.


Almost everybody who’s ever taken a bite of Jockamo’s pizza ends up raving about it to their friends and neighbors. Their identity, with a regal monkey in a top hat, is almost as iconic as their famous Cheese Louise pizza. We recently helped that monkey evolve even further, with logo refinements and an updated identity that holds on to what makes Jockamo great while pushing them even further.

MSKTD Website

There is a battle that has been raging on for years between form and function. Though we’ve tried hard, we haven’t been able to uncover a clear winner. Until we do, we think it’s fair to create beautiful things that work really well. The most recent proof comes in the form of the website we created for MSKTD & Associates. As a full-service design and engineering firm, MSKTD serves three distinct markets: healthcare, higher education, and food processing and advanced manufacturing. It was important to speak to each of these audiences individually while creating a cohesive experience that felt true to the firm. We interviewed key stakeholders, created an action plan, and got to work.

The result is a unique solution to a unique set of challenges. We created a universal navigation that provides a cohesive experience no matter which portion of the site visitors are on. Architectural drawings and renderings used throughout the site help convey a process-oriented approach, while a trio of parallax panes give visual interest and capture the momentum of an industry that is always moving and changing. Each of these panes moves in a different manner, an experience that remains consistent across every device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile. Maintaining a responsive website often takes additional care and skill, and we were able to create a simple interface that empowers the client to take control.

In the end, it appears as though form and function both won this round.


The Bigger Picture Show 2015

The Bigger Picture Show celebrates the design community in Indianapolis, showcasing re-imagined movie posters by some of our favorite designers and artists on the planet. This year’s show had a little something for everyone: cars, monsters, boats, tramps, lieutenants, t-tops, assassins, candy, dudes, captains, computer-peoples, artists, tributes, dorks, jedis, rats and even a faun thrown in for good measure. Yup. We asked our designer-artist friends to create a portrait of their favorite movie characters. And boy, did they give us way more than we ever imagined! All of the portraits were sold in a silent auction at the Speak Easy on Friday, May 8, and all proceeds went to benefit the Indy Film Fest and its mission to create a shared experience around film.

One Ten Studio // Interactive

“By developing creative solutions to the everyday challenges of our clients and engaging all stake holders through a collaborative process, we’ll deliver a product that encapsulates every aspect of a project from site selection to construction.” And with that quote from one of the founding partners, we set about developing this new identity for our friends at One.10.Studio. Known for their unique new construction and creative transformations of both commercial and residential structures, the architects at One.10 continue to push the limits of design, while standing shoulder to shoulder with their clients every step of the way. Considering the impression they’re making in the community, it only made sense that we letterpress their new logo mark on each business card, one after the other.


Rhythm Discovery Center // Signage

“We’ve seen a big bump in our numbers since installing the new signage suite,” said Rhythm’s Matthew Altizer. “We love it!” To help this cultural destination attract more visitors to its downtown, hands-on museum slash interactive mosh pit, we developed a new signage strategy that incorporated TV monitors and custom illustrations. Our love affair with one of the city’s most under-rated cultural assets began one afternoon on a field trip designed to inspire us and inform some new design thinking. We had a guided tour that walked us through the history of percussive arts, drumhead by drumhead. The highlight of our visit included the incredible, jaw-dropping display of drum-related artifacts, including kits that once belonged to Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Of course, the sound-proofed drum rooms (with a special system that allowed you to change the acoustics of the room from a 1,000 seat theater to a tiny club in Greenwich Village) kept us entertained.